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9 Things You Need to Know about Sod Installation

1. Have a Plan - Download our helpful sod installation guide here.

sod installation

2. Feed it First- apply starter fertilizer prior to laying sod and place the sod fertilizer directly on the soil. Add to cart

3. Pick your Start - start installing sod rolls on a straight edge.

4. Stagger it - stagger each line of sod. Your sod grass seams should be laid like brick, stagger like a staircase. This will help blend the sod rolls and make your lawn appear more uniform!

5. Shape It - oddly shaped areas are unavoidable. Use a utility knife or kitchen knife to cut the sod rolls to fit this areas. It's easier to cut from the dirt side.

6. Stable it - installing sod on a steep hill? Use 4 -5 greenstakes to secure each grass roll.

7. Step on it - walk firmly on your freshly laid sod to ensure good contact between the new sod rolls and soil.

8. Water Water Water Everywhere - water as soon as possible! Water after sod installation or while installing sod. Begin watering as soon as you have a new grass area large enough for a sprinkler. For the first 2 weeks give the sod 1" of water every morning .

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