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Can you install sod yourself?

Updated: May 20, 2021

Yes, you can install sod by yourself. Of course, it will be faster with some help from friends and family. Installing sod is a fairly simple and straight forward process. Bonus - it's also a great workout!

How long does it take to install sod yourself?

As long as the ground is prepped and ready to go it takes 1 person, 1 hour to install 1 pallet of sod (600 square feet). Our drivers can place the pallets where you need them as long as the forklift can get to the area. Take the fresh sod rolls from the pallet and unroll them in your desired location. Be sure to place the sod rolls down in a brickwork pattern (staggered) as you don’t want all the seams to connect.

Need more detailed instructions to install sod our

Water water water!

Have a sprinkler ready as you’ll want to begin watering within about 30 minutes of installing. Run your sprinkler for 45 minutes-hour depending on the temperature and you’ve got a freshly installed, luxurious lawn sure to be the envy of the neighborhood!

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