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Measuring and Ordering

Premium Certified Sod is harvested by machine to a uniform thickness of 5/8 of an inch, plus or minus 1/4 of an inch, plus top growth. Rolled sod measures 18 inches wide and 80 inches long equaling 10 square feet. Big roll sod measures 42 inches wide by 90 feet long or 315 square feet per roll.

Palleting Sod

Shipping Standards

Prior to harvesting, Our Premium Certified Sod is mowed uniformly to a height between 1.5 and 2 inches for shipment. The sod is stacked on pallets. The sod should be installed immediately after delivery.

A Central Sod Premium Certified lawn instantly adds beauty and value to your business or home.

For a More Accurate Estimate Use Our
Interactive Sod Caluclator!

With a tape, measure the area of your planned lawn. Multiply the length by the width of the area in feet and divide this number by ten. This equals the approximate number of rolls needed.

Try out our calculators below to get approximate sod rolls needed.
Enter measurements in feet.


rolls needed.

For a rectangular shaped area enter:  
Length of area: Width of area:
For a circle area enter:    
Diameter of Circle:
For a triangle shaped area enter:    
Base of triangle: Height of triangle:


Sod Slide Chart

Quickly find square feet or yards needed
for rectangles or circles!

Sod Slide Chart

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